Drummond Island

Drummond Island, MI 49726

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Drummond Island is comprised of 83,000 acres, 150 miles of rugged scenic shoreline, 133 square miles of forested landscape, and 34 inland lakes. Within this diverse habitat, a number of rare species, land formations and plants can be found. Some of the Island's rare features include Puddingstones, the Maxton Plains Preserve, alvar, dry non-acid cliffs, Boreal forests, prarie smoke, round-leaved orchids, calypso, the yellow rail, LeConte's sparrow, the common loon, and the Hine's emerald dragonfly, just to name a few.

The Island boasts 27 holes of golf, world class kayaking, fantastic birding, hiking, and biking opportunities abound on the Island, and detailed maps are available for most of the trails. There are 17 Drummond Island shipwrecks offshore, providing ample diving exploration. Drummond Island is 68% state-owned offering hundreds of acres of public land for exploration. The Island also has 53 outlying Islands including the Harbor Island National Wildlife Refuge.