Brimley/Bay Mills


Brimley is home to the Bay Mills Indian Community and a whole lot more. Situated on Whitefish Bay, Brimley offers visitors to The Inland Seashore a number of unique sightseeing options, including the Point Iroquois Lighthouse, built in 1857 and open to the public. Climb to the top of the 65-foot tower, visit the attached museum, and stroll the boardwalk overlooking the beach. Nearby is Pendills Creek Fish Hatchery, where visitors can tour the facility where 6 million eggs are produced annually and 850,000 yearling lake trout are produced for spring stocking.

The Brimley area offers a number of scenic vistas, remote beaches, and fishing opportunities. Additionally, Brimley State Park has all the amenities for families to enjoy the beach, picnicking, and more. Mix education and fun with a visit to the Train Museum, where local history is on display. Get moving with a hike on the Round Island Point Nature Preserve, with a 1.6 mile loop trail that offers scenic vistas, wildlife viewing opportunities, and boardwalks through wetland areas for environmentally-sensitive exploration. A June Pow-Wow features Native American traditions and culture and is open to one and all.